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Orchard CoreLink

Orchard Core is a re-implementation of Orchard CMS in ASP.NET Core. You can check out the Orchard Core presentation from the last Orchard Harvest to get an introductory overview of its features and goals.

Join the chat at BSD-3-Clause License

Build StatusLink

Stable (master):

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Nightly (dev):

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Orchard CMSLink

Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.



The software is complete enough for internal testing. This is typically done by people other than the software engineers who wrote it, but still within the same organization or community that developed the software.

Here is a more detailed roadmap.

Getting StartedLink

  • Clone the repository using the command git clone and checkout the master branch.

Command lineLink

  • Install the latest versions (current) for both Runtime and SDK of .NET Core from this page
  • Call dotnet restore.
  • Call dotnet build.
  • Next navigate to D:\OrchardCore\src\OrchardCore.Cms.Web or wherever your respective folder is on the command line in Administrator mode.
  • Call dotnet run.
  • Then open the http://localhost:5000 URL in your browser.

Visual Studio 2017Link

  • Download Visual Studio 2017 (any edition) from
  • Open OrchardCore.sln and wait for Visual Studio to restore all Nuget packages
  • Ensure OrchardCore.Cms.Web is the startup project and run it


We currently follow the these engineering guidelines.